It’s always good to have a place around your house where you can hide an extra set of keys.

12. 10 brilliant ideas for hiding your spare keys. The sixth idea is truly amazing – impossible to find!

Hiding your keys nearby allows you to have an extra in case of purse theft, pickpocketing, or simply losing your keys. Better to have a plan B! Which one do you think you’ll try?

Here are 10 surprising and awesome hiding places to give you ideas on the following page:

11. Bird house

Bird houses are practical hiding places with little suspicion, unless a magpie were to get involved.

10. Behind your license plate

Placing your keys behind a license plate of one the cars you leave at home is a solution.

9. In a brick

If you have a low enough wall, you can try lodging the keys in a hollow brick.

8. A fake air vent

Create a fake air vent with a plastic tube and a real grill before berrying your keys underground.

7. In a faucet pipe

The faucet hose is also an ideal hiding place for keys, as well as a garden hose, where you can simply stick the head of the hose to the plastic lid.


6. Under a fake garden hose

Stick the hose head to the plastic cover.

5. Behind the latch of your front door

You can also use the door latch by gluing magnets to attached the latch to the door and keys.

4. Under a rock

A simple stock can serve as a hiding place, as well as natural objects like a pine cone or a leaf.


3. In a false wall outlet

A false wall outlet is an ideal hiding place because it’s unsuspicious.


2. Under fake dog poop

Make some fake dog poop with glue and brown dye. Dig a little soil and hide the fake droppings with containing the keys.


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