12 photos you won’t be able to understand at first glance! Especially the 9th

These trompe l’œil illusions may seem intriguing, amusing or even disturbing. These are some well hidden illusions that force curiosity, and challenge your mind, because you can’t help but wonder what’s really going on there.

1. 12 photos you won’t be able to understand at first glance! Especially the ninth! Wait for the ninth – I’m speechless, aren’t you?

Surely you have also caught trompe l’œil fever, and are anxious to solve the mysteries behind each of these images.

Go to the next page to see the other photos, and let us know which photo you think is the most absurd.

For example, observe this young Asian woman in a gray dress, sitting in a way that suggests she has three legs.

One may wonder if this is reality, or a succesful trompe l’œil trying to trick us all.

2. Who is carrying who? It’s a little complicated…

3. He has a really long arm…or not!

4. The mirrored image is accurate, but where did her head go?

5. Flexibility make its possible to create unimaginable figures! (Don’t try this at home.)

6. How many hands do you see?


8. Aw, what a cute dog….cut in half?

9. Yes, it’s true that making a speech in front of a big audience can be stressful, but it’s only an illusion!

10. Siamese twins?

11. Warning! This is not what you think…it’s not grass, it’s water!

12. Falling into the void…? Or maybe it’s the angle that’s confusing us!

13. Scandalous! In any case, she is really charming!

This exploratory journey looks at 12 times where trompe l’œil was caught on camera.

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