Hide and see is a youngster favorite. Unfortunately, some of the players aren’t familiar with the rules of the game – and it’s pretty hilarious.

21. 20 of the best hide-and-go-seekers! The 16th is pretty impressive – unbeatable!  What do you think?

We all know know that children have their own logic, so we shouldn’t waste too much time on the little details. Just enjoy the moment – it’s bound to be one to remember.

Have a look at these of kids on the next page who think they’ve found the perfect hiding place. You may come across the same mistakes you made as a kid.

Being found isn’t the worst thing in the world. After all, eventually, you’re meant to be found! Spot the top 20 kids who win at hide and seek on the next page!

20. So close!

19. No, honey – even though you can’t see us, we can still see you. 

18. Well played, little one. 

17. Who finds who?

16. Brillant

15. A better attempt, but still not quite there yet

14. Not bad at all! It could have worked

13. …Well, there’s an idea

12. Found you! And you too, little tiger in the back!

11. Well, one half of him is well hidden

10. “…I don’t think you understand the rules of the game, little buddy”

9. A little dangerous, but almost there

8. No – there’s no effort here!

7. But where is the kid?…

6. “Well, shit – it worked when I was 1 or 2!”

5. The world champ

4. The only one that came close to understanding the concept of hiding.

3. Another strange technique

2. Well, there’s a serious problem with this one

1. Ah! Finally someone that understands. Almost