These childhood photos fill the family album. When we grow up, we often have trouble sharing these pictures, showing them to our friends, and especially to our partners, because let’s be honest – some are just utterly embarrassing.

21. 20 pictures of brothers and sisters who’ve recreated their childhood photos. Wait until you see the second to last!

While parents treasure these captured childhood memories, the subjects of the photos often disagree. These shots show off our old-fashioned clothes, hairstyles and poses.

To counter this embarrassment shared by many siblings, some have decide to make light of the situation rather than curling up in a corner when someone thumbs through the family photos.

They decided to recreate their most precious childhood memories several years later. The trend has since become viral on the web.

The mirrored images remind us of a simpler time. They allows us to reminisce, while adding another dimension to traditional family photos.

Take a look at these 20 photos on the next page and choose your favorite. You can even get inspired and recreate your own memories!

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