As you now, being a parent is a full time job that comes with a good dose of pressure, stress and worry.

Add to that the fact that you work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and you realize that sometimes, you have to have a lot of patience and effort.

31. 30 things that’ll make your life easier as a parent…especially the 7th and 27th! Which one of these is your favorite?

Sometimes, that little break you have been needing only happens once a month, when you finally manage to hang out with your friends.

While you love being a parent and spending the day with your children, you need to find ways to cushion the stress of those more difficult days.

Here are some homemade tips you can use to become the levelheaded, caring parent that you dream of being, like creating the safety bracelet with your number on it. Enough, talking though – now, go look at these 30 tips that will change your life!

30. Safety bracelet

If you’re worried about losing your child at the mall or movie theater, you should invest in one of these bracelets. Place your phone number on it, but always be careful. It only takes a second for a child to get lost.

29. A good night without a peep 😉

There is a good chance your child will fall out of bed at least once in their lives. If you don’t want this to happen, simply place a pool noode on each side beneath the sheets to prevent your child from falling.

28. No more slippery slippers!

Apply dots of glue to the bottom of your children’s slippers or socks. Once finished, there’ll be no more falls on those slippery floors!

27. No more wasting!

Make a mark on the wall to measure how much toiler paper your children can use until they realize the importance of paper.

26. Stickers for shoes

Do your children have a hard time telling left from right? If so, cut a sticker in half and stick each side in one of their shoes. They’ll be able to find the right shoe, and have fun at the same time!

25. Picking up glitter

Parent’s aren’t big fans of glitter, but kids love to leave it everywhere. Luckily, you can pass a lint roller over the messy area, and everything will be gone in a second!

24. Anti-lock elastic door

Use an elastic prevent your children from locking themselves in a room.

23. A protective sheet

22. Just enough lotion

Prevent children from using too much lotion or soap by wrapping a little rubberband around the pump.

21. Pacifiers finally clean!

This can be a real challenge. If you have small condiment containers with a lid, use them to store the pacifier. It’s a great way to keep the clean!

20. Extension for the faucet

19. A magic repellent for monsters

Use this monster repellent to help your children fall asleep at night. They’ll love it, and no one needs to know that it’s just water.

18. Anti-disaster straws

Turn flexible straws in all directions and your children will not be able to get it out of the cup.

17. Info for baby sitting

16. Pool noodles are fantastic!

Use a piece of noodle to prevent children from pinching their fingers in the door.

15. A little bit of magic!

Add some “magic dust” to the dollar hidden under your child’s pillow to make this moment magical. They will be thrilled!

14. Homemade hammock for children

Help your child relax by creating a small hammock under your table with a blanket!

13. Fold the shoulders up

You can now remove your child’s onesie from below instead of overhead. No risk of complication this way!

12. It’s easier this way!

By lifting these little triangles on the juice carton up, your child will be able to hold it more easily. Their life just got easier!

11. This helps!

Get diapers with a yellow line that turns blue when the layer is wet and needs to be changed.

10. Target for toilets

9. Great for untangling doll hair!

The worst nightmare finale solved! You will be able to unravel any doll’s hair by using a small bottle containing 2 tablespoons of conditioner and a little hot water.

8. Think about this!

During the summer, car belts can get too hot for your children. Solve the problem using a spray bottle.

7. Creativity without war

Let your baby unleash their creativity by applying a good dose of paint to freezer bags. Clean and creative and the same time!

6. No more rotten apples

Apple slices are a treat, but if you don’t eat them quick enough, they turn brown. Keep them fresh by sprinkling them with a little salt and washing them before eating them.

5. Remove crayon marks with WD-40

If there’s evidence of your little one’s creativity on your walls, you can always clean it up with a little WD-40. 

4. Keep your children safe!

If you are worried about your children wandering around in the parking lot, stick magnetic Parking Pals to your care. This will make waiting by the car fun – and safer!

3. Stay clean while eating ice cream

The best way to prevent stick fingers is to place a cupcake liner around the stick on your frozen treat. This will keep your kid’s hands from getting all sticky!

2. A portable crayon box you can take everywhere!

1. Portable ice pack! Nice, no?

Use a frozen sponge in a cool bag as an improvised ice pouch. Perfect for lunch and injuries, too!

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