As you know, the english alphabet consists of 26 letters – 5 vowels and 21 constants. We all have a name that identifies us, and was given to us by our parents the day we were born.

25. The first letter of your first name reveals your behavior regarding love

Our name sets us apart from others – not only as a person, but also determines many aspects of our life, like our personality.

What is the first letter of your first name? Read the rest of the article to find out how you behave in your relationships.

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24. A

The A’s are discreet lovers! You aren’t a romantic person, you don’t have time to lose over insignificant details. For you, the elements of public love are too much. You prefer expressing love in private.

23. B

B’s prefer new experiences. You aren’t 100% romantic, but you do love situations with a touch of sensuality. You like to try new things with your parter, and sometimes, even without them.

22. C

C’s adore having their partner involved in their lives. You are a very social person, so you always try to include your partner in everything you do. You also enjoy when your partner invites you to events and meals with their friends, because you like spending time together, and in the company of other people.

21. D

D’s are stubborn and inflexible.

20. E

E’s are the talkative ones. Once you meet your soulmate, your main need is to speak. Sometimes you don’t give your partner enough time to explain they think.

19. F

F’s are incorrigible romantics. You tend to idealize the first phase of a relationship. You live in a romantic world where, while helpful for some things, can make you lose sight of the future, and hinder your ability to truly understand the motivations of those around you.

18. G

G’s aim for perfection.

17. H

H’s are generous.

16. I

I’s are looking for a diamond in the rough. You are looking for an expert partner who knows what they want in life, and who has concrete goals. This is why you tend to be indecisive because you expect your partner to find solutions to your own problems.

15. J

J’s are romantics who take the lead. You are a romantic person who has an important place for love in their hearts. You enjoy your partner’s company freely, and you want the time you spend together to be romantic. You’re often the one who takes the initiative.

14. K

K’s do not always open up immediately. If you’re with someone whose name begins with a K, you must learn to get know them better. L’s idealize love.

13. M

M’s are emotionally intense. As far as love is concerned, you take things too seriously, and with too much intensity. Because of this, often, when you’re in a relationship, you are doing everything you can to make it work, in order to reap the benefits every day. You are always concerned about the health and wellbeing of your partner.

12. N

N’s love taking care of their partner.

11. O

O’s aren’t interested in a partner that doesn’t talk much. You are the opposite of the letter N. You’re someone who is withdrawn when it comes to love. You recognize it when you’re in love with someone, but you aren’t the type to call constantly, or have an interest in what your partner spends their time doing when you’re apart.

10. P

P’s are creatives who love the challenges of love. You have an enviable creativity when it comes to roadblocks in a relationship. You offer great gifts, as well as experiences. You’re always looking for something new, and when you meet a new person, you do everything you can to get to win their affections.

9. Q

Q’s are always on the move.

8. R

R’s are looking for a cultivated and spiritual partner.

7. S

S’s prefer partners who are physically attractive. You are always looking for the most stunning person in the room. You tend to find partners who are beautiful in the mirror and in photos. You think that people will judge you through the person you choose to spend your life with.

6. T

T’s opt for sensitive and intense emotions.

5. U

U’s are enthusiastic and love the simple things.

4. V

V’s prefer an eccentric partner.

3. W

W’s are the jealous type.

2. Y

Y’s are concerned about the opinion of their partner.

1. Z

Z’s are cold on the surface, but do not reject love.