We all have our own inner fears. These involuntary fears are linked to our subconscious. Seeing certain objects, that may appear harmless at first blush, reveal profound fears, stored deep in our psyche. Take a look at the image above.

5. What’s the First Thing you See When you Look at this Photo? Your Answer Will Reveal your Biggest Fear!

After you view the image, we recommend taking note of the object or animal you identified in the photo.

We’ll meet you on the following page to find the meaning behind your response!

4. The Knife!

If you initially noticed the knife, you have an inner fear of sickness. You have a fear of being trapped by a chronic, potentially fatal disease, that you’re currently unaware of or ignoring.

3. The Caterpillar!

If the caterpillar was the first to catch your eye, such demonstrates that you have an irrational fear of ghosts. It’s called plasmaphobia, and these evil spirits or energies arise while you’re sleeping.

2. The Butterfly!

Noticing the butterfly reveals a fear of betrayal. Even if you hide said fear, what you probably consider to be a weakness, you’re overwhelmed by the feeling in moments of loneliness.

1. The Apple!

The view of the apple shows a fear of losing a loved one. A recent death in your family terrified you, and you’re fearing the possibility of losing a another.

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